Venmo Offsite

  • Goodbye, Iowa
  • Oh, Colorado
  • A Keg planter
  • A happy alley
  • Victoria made us some hats
  • Offsitin
  • Some Venmo Card enamel pins
  • Team exercises
  • Happy Hour at a nearby Beer Garden
  • Limo bus time
  • Hiking at Red Rocks
  • Hikin
  • Hikin at Red Rocks
  • Red Rocks is cool
  • The rocks are crazy
  • A quick break
  • Venmo Commerce Team taking a break at Red Rocks
  • Hiking at Red Rocks
  • At Red Rocks
  • Walking around the Amphitheatre
  • The Amphitheatre
  • A good place to practice plow pose
  • Hangin at a small beer garden in Golden, Colorado
  • Mountain Toad
  • Mountain Toad
  • About to have an amazing dinner at Coohills
  • Dinner at Coohills
  • Bout to go to an EDM show with my younger coworkers
  • It's hard to capture the beauty and atmosphere of a show at Red Rocks
  • EDM shit
  • Illenium at Red Rocks
  • Illenium
  • Back to Iowa...

Photos from a trip to Denver Colorado with my new teammates

Photos taken in August, 2018 in Colorado and Iowa

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