Watching the Cubs beat the Cardinals

  • Jake Arrieta, warming up by throwing pitches clear across the outfield.
  • THIS IS GREAT NEWS! We just painted our entire main floor with the official paint of the Cubs!
  • Watch out for that loose sod
  • This dude was handing out baseball cards to kids
  • This kid did not gaf about baseball
  • Bleachers, Old Styles, Nachos
  • Babies
  • A great day at Wrigley
  • Wrigley stuff
  • Winning. Plus check out that dude just watching the game from inside the scoreboard
  • Sorry, Cardinals
  • Ws
  • If we weren't watching baseball, we were talking shit with these folks
  • This man was a liar.
  • Wrigley bleacher boys 1 comment
  • This is one of my proudest TV moments.
  • Give the nod to savings. 1 comment

A few photos from a great day of watching the Cubs vs Cardinals at Wrigley field with a Todd, Red, and McCoy

Photos taken in September, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois

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