Zach and Aaron visit for Dropkick Murphys

  • Super Mario 3
  • Teaching these guys about Hammerschlagen
  • Cruisin around on the Catrike
  • Tryin out the Tandem
  • Tandem boys
  • Gettin awkward at the hockey game
  • Corndogs n Hockey
  • Close hockey is good hockey
  • Bout to watch Dropkick Murphys
  • Not bored
  • dropkick!
  • Next time, we should get tickets on the ice
  • Dropkick at wells Fargo Arena
  • Ken Casey
  • Brekkie @ Eggs n Jam
  • Checkin out American Dream Machines
  • Tea time
  • Hangin at the Des Moines Bike Collective
  • Gamin
  • Foooos
  • Installing a toilet for my guests
  • Installin that toilet

Zach, Aaron, and I got back together to see the Dropkick Murphy's and run around Des Moines for a weekend.

Photos taken in February, 2019 in Lee Township, Des Moines, Bloomfield Township, and Walnut Township, Iowa

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