Zach Delt House

  • Soaping in Pfeiffer
  • Soaping in Pfeiffer 1 comment
  • Soaping in Pfeiffer
  • Riding the scooter in Merner
  • @ Pizza Palace
  • Josh and Steve
  • Zach and Jeremiah
  • Zach and Leah
  • Zach and Savode
  • How Zach rolls 1 comment
  • Zach and a hot chick
  • Leah and Joey
  • Zach talking to a hot chick
  • Leah and I
  • Zach and a hot chick
  • Zach and Kinnera
  • Girls
  • Kevi 1 comment
  • Cowboy Kevi 6 comments
  • Kevi's Jeff.  (it said jeep but wingert peeled it so it said Jeff)

Zach visited, we went to a Delt party and basically just took photos of Zach with tons of girls until he passed out.

Photos taken in January, 2002 in Mount Vernon, Iowa

Album added 18 years ago (Jan 11, 2002).