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So I was playing pool tonight with this girl at a bar called "Drink." and the coolest thing that ever happened to me, happened. I was stripes, and I was shooting at my 13 ball. I had it all lined up perfectly at the left side pocket. I aimed, pulled back, shot, and POP...

The 13 and the cue ball both jumped. The cue ball flew completely off the table and hit the floor... this happens all the time, so it's not really a big deal. BUT the next part of the story is the coolest part... the 13 ball that I shot at jumped off the table as well. However, it not only flew off of my table, it flew all the way over to the table next to us (where 2 other guys were playing), bounced off their far wall, and came back into their right hand side pocket without touching another ball.

Holy cow.

This was probably the coolest thing I've seen in a long.... long time. Everyone that saw it just like stopped and admired it; the 2 guys, missy (the girl I was playing with), myself, and a few other spectators.
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  • i didnt see the shot but i am the only guy derek knows that has seen missy naked, which was one of the best views in the history of america, including the war of any peoples. she is hot and there isnt much more to tell yet...

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  • i got this message on AIM from my friend, steph. it's also cool...

    that was like at our tennis tourny last weekend i hit a shot and i framed it and it went straight in the air and landed on their side of the net but had such crazy spin that it bounced and came back over onto our side of the net without them ever touching it

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  • Kibbles-n-bits-n-bits-n-bits.

    Pretty cool dude.

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