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Ahhh, home. When I'm home, things get done.

So yeah, Friday was Rico's last day at Pioneer, which was a little weird, but was also quite nice. I really don't know many people that have the balls to up and quit a job after over 20 years of service. I'm pretty excited about it. I think it's going to rule for him.

After work he had a little "thanks for putting up with me" party, which was a good time: good beer, cigars, scotch, and big fires. We also played "wear derek's hat" for a bit.

Saturday was really nice, I got a lot done - mostly paperwork, money work, and office organizing. not cleaning, organizing... I really suck at actually cleaning my office for some reason. So I was doing my usual bill paying, when I noticed that the balance seemed to not be really decreasing on a couple CC bills. So I looked more into it to find out that 2 of the credit cards had like 30% interest on them, plus a yearly fee, wtf. So I looked back at the principle payments - we were paying like $15 on principle every month, haha. So I called Chase with the quickness to get a 0% interest card for a couple years. Man, it's things like that that are not condusive to getting out of debt. And I never really notice that stuff until I'm home on weekends. Maybe if I stay home for a month I'll figure out how to completely conquer debt...

Anyway, later we met Zach and Amy to head down to Jimmy's American Cafe for the end of the 2030 club road rally. It was pretty nice, there were a couple really awesome cars mixed with a couple wtfers. It sort of pisses me off that every single one of those guys is in their 20s and 30s. Except for that purple lamborghini guy, wtf.

Anyway, after gawking for a bit, we headed down to Oktoberfest way way early, which was a little lame, but it got better as the night went on. It was pretty entertaining to watch the old people dance. It was also funny how people hated me and loved Kari. People tried starting fights with me on like 3 occasions, it was really weird. On the other hand though, dudes were hitting on Kari, which was cool cause it led to us getting a bunch of beer tickets which we handed out to friends, haha. Overall, it was a good time. I think next year I'll find transportation because I imagine that the more drunk you are, the funner it is. Hmm.

Pics: Rico's Party, Oktoberfest

I got jingles in my ears now. They feel awesome. So floppy.
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