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On June 21 I ordered a custom exhaust from RnR Racing. I've heard great things about their products, they sound really good, and best of all, they're reasonably priced. I was super pumped when I ordered the exhaust. Here are the specs on my order:

Item: FWD Standard Turbo Back Exhaust - $675.00
Quantity: 1
Generation and size: 2g 3"
Standard turbo back
Turbo Back options:
Stainless Steel Bullet Muffler
Straight through design
Stainless Steel 3" Downpipe
Stainless Steel 3" Catback
4" Stainless Steel N1 Style Tip

Here's a timeline of how it went.

-June 21 - I placed my order at RnR Racing. The web site specifically told me that the avg ship time is 2-3 weeks.
-Ryan Fellows (who seems to be the head of RnR Racing) emailed me right away saying that FWD stuff generally takes 3 weeks.
-June 23 - Ryan told me the exhaust system would be shipped out the week of June 27-July 3.
-July 15 - I emailed RnR Racing asking them if they'd shipped my exhaust yet.
-July 15 - Ryan stated that "All FWD stuff is going out next week for sure," which would have been the week of July 25-31.
-August 3 - I emailed RnR Racing and told them it had been 6 weeks since I placed my order and wanted to know the status.
-August 3 - Ryan stated that he would get back to me about the status of the order.
-August 4 - Ryan told me that I would be satisfied with the product when I received it. This is something that I expected, which is why I went with RnR, however they still did not tell me the status of my order.
-August 23 - I sent Ryan Fellows an email telling him that it had been 9 weeks since I placed my order (not the normal 2-3) and I wanted to know where the hell my exhaust was. I also told him that I'd been lied to 6 times and the service was unacceptable.
-August 26 (Today) - I still have not heard from Ryan but my package had arrived at UPS so I went to pick it up.

Once I got to UPS I was still mad about the whole situation but also pretty pumped that I finally had my exhaust. I rushed home, got it open pulled everything out and had a look at my new exhaust, w00t!

Wait, that is not a 4" SS N1 style exhaust tip. That is 2 - 2" tips coming out of a Magnaflow exhaust. And... there's a catalytic converter. I ordered a turbo back... there shouldn't be a cat.

After waiting over 9 weeks and being lied to a lot, I got the wrong exhaust. RnR Racing RULES!!!!!! At least they got the 3" and Stainless Steel parts right. They better make up for this some how...
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  • wtf that sucks so much

    kevi posted

  • if you paid for it by CC, especially Visa, you can explain your situation and issue a charge back. Tell visa how they lied to you, and they're amost automatically on your side.

    Not only do you get your money refunded, but the business loses money (they're charged a substantial fee I believe) which will teach them not to pull that shit again.

    Often I use the threat of a chargeback for leverage, at the very early signs of trouble with stores that decide to act all shady. Hope this helps.

    Greg posted

  • By the way, sucks to hear you experienced so much trouble.

    Greg posted

  • Bummer...hope they make up for their crappy service by throwing in a Turbo...say 20 psi will do just fine!!!

    r00 posted

  • at least an evo III exhaust manifold...

    derek posted

  • or a 220 regulator exhaust

    kevi posted

  • Or you could driveby their offices and shoot the cunts who fucked around with you, gangsta stylee

    Mart posted

  • had the same thing happen to me, more people need to hear about this

    they post on evolutionm.net and socalevo.net

    rnr racing sucks posted