Sites, Homebrew, and Weekend posted

This weekend was pretty nice. I got a lot done.

Friday night, we met nick and Nicole at A Dong then went up to Mars Cafe for some hip hop and breakdancing. It was nice. The bboys definitely stole the show. Later we stopped by MH's surprise party. Fun Fun.

Saturday night I had a little last minute get together. Some buddies came over, we shot blowguns, shot blowgun darts out of paintball guns, played pool, sampled new homebrews, etc. Then we all went out to Stix.

The homebrew setup is becoming pretty nice. I've started modding a chest freezer to be a mini kegerator. I'm building a wooden collar for it so that I can take my co2 tank out of the freezer, mount a couple tappers, etc. Eventually the plan is to have tappers coming out of the wall in my basement, that or be on the actual countertop. I'm excited for that.

I also got a lot of web dev done. Des Moines Alive now has google ads and Aeon Grey's site is about done.

Lastly, I decided to start collecting beer bottles. Being that I'm a brewer, I thought it'd be fitting to have a lot of bottles lining the top of my cabinets. Not like college when kids had liquor bottles or bud light cans. But actual interesting bottles. The only bad thing is, I am impatient so now I want to drink tons of beer to fill it up, haha.

And even more lastly, I found a good hairstylist finally. She totally gave me her number too, haha. I immediately removed my wedding ring and put it my back pocket. j/k. but i've definitely "still got it" ....and by it, I mean, a good hairstylist.
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  • omg Derek whats that circular buldge in your back pocket?!

    Dave posted

  • I think you should drink more beer also. I can help get the collection moving. I actually have a few of those beers I brought up a month ago. I can't pronounce any one of the names though, or spell them.

    nathan posted