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If you've been paying attention to my photo stream, you've probably noticed that we had a jam packed vacation. 8 days and 250 photos of Key West and Miami Beach.

Man, it was a great time. Jeff and Teresa took us down there as part of a giant celebration trip. Kari, Victor, and I got new jobs. Jeff and Kari graduated with bachelors and masters degrees. Vic got a house. Jeff and Teresa celebrated a 30th anniversary. It was a big year that deserved some celebration - and that, we did.

So, it's going to be nearly impossible, but I'll try to keep this as short as I possibly can.

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Went to the beach. A sweet, sweet topless beach.
  • Walked/shopped down Collins avenue and looked at fancy cars. Lots and lots of fancy cars.
  • Walked around Lincoln Rd.
  • Had 7 amazing courses at Sushi Samba - this brazillian, japanese, peruvian fusion restaurant.
  • Smoked some Apple Tobacco Hookah's at this cigar shop on Lincoln.
  • Argued politics at the Shelbourne club.
  • Had cuban sandwiches at Puerto Sagua.
  • Hung out on the beach.
  • Met up with Kevi and Julie.
  • Had fancy dinner at Emeril's.
  • Walked around Lincoln, Washington, and Collins looking for clubs... ended up at Delano, which was a really cool spot.
  • Checked out, had lunch at Nexxt Cafe and drove to a hotel by the airport before flying home in the wee hours of the morning.
The whole trip was a blast. I can't thank Jeff and Teresa enough for taking us. Definitely a celebration...

If you haven't already seen. Here are all 242 pics of what I just broke down.

And now I'm gonna go grab some St. Patty's beer with my friends back in DSM.
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  • Looks like a great time. I very jealous to say the least. Can't wait to find a job that actually gives me some vacation time.

    Josh posted