Getting some happy joes with luke, the only other dude in dm that likes happy joes.

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  • I like Happy Joes too. Taco yummmmmm!

    Jesse Driscoll posted

  • yessir!

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Happy Joes in Des Moines? Nutsoid.

    Mitchell Pilon posted

  • yep, except most des moines people are happy joes haters.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • I love happy joe's. And I have no idea where one is. Has it always been here?

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • there's one at 86th and meredith and another at ep true and 35th. there used to be one on euclid and e 14th... but i don't think it's there anymore.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • When Iowa City got hit by a tornado a few years ago, the Happy Joes was destroyed. And that was when I decided I no longer had any reason to go to Iowa City.

    Elizabeth Reynolds Smithson posted

  • is that what they are called ing sperm these days in Iowa "happy joes"

    Kent Putz posted

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  • Taco FTW

    kinsteronline posted

  • I like so fuggin happy joes! The taco pizza, canadian bacon, and the BLT are awesome.

    milksteakneggs posted

  • @broox @aeongrey I'm jealous. Happy Joe's is vital.

    Kronlives posted

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