Hiring a lawn service for your 50 square foot lawn, huh? Chicagoans are hilarious people.

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  • I always thought that same thing!

    Becky Borgman posted

  • My guess would be it's easier to pay someone, then to worry about having to store your lawn mower (if you don't have a garage, like most Chicago homes)

    Darrin Pearsall posted

  • I mean. Isn't everything easier if you hire someone to do it? Either way, non motorized mowers are pretty tiny and definitely sufficient for most city yards.

    Derek Brooks posted

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  • I didn't know they made lawnmowers

    wxwill posted

  • Er, electric lawnmowers. That you plug in. Until I moved here

    wxwill posted

  • I just ousted @broox as the mayor of Megabus Des Moines Stop on @foursquare!

    TaiBlas posted

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