I think today I will need emergen-c and pho... Except good pho is way harder to get in Chicago than it should be.

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  • I know!!! If you ever need a buddy to get pho with let me know. Jon hates pho, so I rarely eat it...except when visiting Des Moines. So weird.

    Elizabeth Reynolds Smithson posted

  • Pho-dirty water with noodles. Yuk.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • if by "dirty water" you mean "delicious beef broth" then... yes!

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Better go with a spicy Al's #1 if you can't find some pho - soup on a bun.

    Dan DeGeest posted

  • You'd think Pho in Chicago would be easy.

    Benjamin Garrett posted

  • You guys should never run out of emergen-c, I gave Nick a giant box full

    Nicole Sutherland posted

  • Dan, never heard of it. I'll look it up!

    Ben, you can find good pho in the right Chicago neighborhoods... Unfortunately, I'm not near any of those neighborhoods.

    Nicole, bought my own box this morning... Currently on my 3rd pack today, heh. I hope you can't OD on vitamin C.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Holy vitamin C! Good luck!

    Nicole Sutherland posted

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  • pho sounds good. We should get some

    right65 posted

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