Things you don't want your mom to see on the news: that your building was a potential target in a terrorist attack.

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  • I was actually thinking about you when I heard that news too

    Bill Thruman posted

  • Wow derek....that's awful!

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • Id also like to add that im not surprised they traveled there from Florida. The confederate flag flies a little roo proudly down hurr

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • that was a daily event for 10 yrs...

    Dannie Combs posted

  • Doubt you were in much danger from the throwing stars, bow and arrows, and beer making equipment they found in the apartment where those guys were staying haha... its all media hype.

    Jake Larson posted

  • Right. But try telling that to your mom. :)

    Derek Brooks posted

  • For sure haha..

    Jake Larson posted

  • .I can see this Derek, Mom

    Rhonda Brooks posted

  • Guess your plan didn't work, Derek.

    Brian Lee posted

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  • “@broox: You can add that to your 'things you don't want your sister to see on twitter' list.

    breannaemmitt posted

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