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  • Not as much as not being to tell everyone every where you go about how you don't eat gluten as of 6 months ago.

    Andy Martin posted

  • Then eat gluten enriched bread

    Rico Larson posted

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  • I'm about to attempt a gf month of life. Not that encouraging ;)

    KariLantz posted

  • "gluten-free bread" is like saying "bread-free bread"

    mikeharper posted

  • Go back to gluten brotha. Come back to good tasting food QT @broox: GLUTEN FREE BREAD SUCKS

    theP_A_U_L posted

  • I've been meaning I blog about it. Maybe I should do that.

    broox posted

  • best way is toasted with butter and organic jam. GF bread is crunchier as toast. As bread - it does suck yes. #justsayin

    gavinmcgarry posted

  • Yesterday I called everybody I know!! My #Friends My #Fans My #Brah-@M0hBh0nE @Broox,My #hos'e all all all all all all all #fucking alcohol

    LottoTicketKiD posted

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