I've been married to the best person in the world for 7 years.

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  • Happy Anniversary!!

    Lorraine Brooks posted

  • She's definitely a keeper! You're a pretty good guy too. Have a happy.

    Matt Terronez posted

  • Congratulations to you & Kari! You guys are great together. Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

    Sean Rankin posted

  • Happy anniversary to you and Kari!!

    Shannon Schear posted

  • Happy Anniversary guys! You are the best!

    Rico Larson posted

  • Happy Anniversary. It doesn't seem that long ago we were at your wedding.

    Amy Aultman Veryzer posted

  • Happy Anniversary to two very special people.

    Joyce Reynolds Lisonbee posted

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  • happy anniversary man

    littlelazer posted

  • @broox Congratulations to you and @kbroox!

    marihuertas posted

  • @broox @kbroox Ye-haw!

    bs posted

  • "@broox: I've been married to the best person in the world for 7 years." I'm happy you found her when you did

    theP_A_U_L posted

  • @broox @kbroox happy anniversary!!

    reddhed posted

  • When are we going to see little Broox and little Kari's? 7 years is a long time,. WTF are you doing or not doing?

    ChiITguy posted

  • @broox congrats to you and @kbroox

    lucky33 posted

  • We're contracepting.

    broox posted

  • It seems like just yesterday I was wearing gray pants and heading to a fabulous wedding. Happy anniversary @kbroox and @broox!

    NicoleK posted

  • Thats all well and good. Happy 7th. When are we going to see Little Broox and Little Kari roller blading around?

    ChiITguy posted

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