Just received the absolute most disrespectful, racist comment ever while wearing my Obama tech hoodie in Des Moines. Wow.

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  • Welcome back.

    Kelly Krantz posted

  • Ignorance

    Benjamin Garrett posted

  • Ew

    Juliet Thomas posted

  • Where is he? I will rage.

    Allie Peters posted

  • wow I wore my Obama stuff all over when i was in Kansas and while I had braced for the worst, I got many encouraging and positive comments. sorry that happened to you ;(

    Clint James Ecker posted

  • The words of the weak are no match for the actions of the strong. We won :)

    Miles Ward posted

twitter comments

  • hope you didn’t let it ruin your night.

    littlelazer posted

  • Their tears, the sweetest wine.

    JasonPatocka posted

  • *sigh* some people

    lucky33 posted

  • racist? And you surprised because?

    ChiITguy posted

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