Kari and I unknowingly surprised each other with unicorn apparel last night. She got a sequined unicorn dress. I got laser unicorn underwear

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  • You guys need to take a couple picture of this

    Nicole Sutherland posted

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  • @broox @lucky33 dust off your gear. We have a game at 8:30.

    ozbe posted

  • @ozbe @broox where at? i might be up for that

    lucky33 posted

  • True love.

    jkriss posted

  • Truly a modern day Gift of the Magi somehow

    paulsmith posted

  • @lucky33 @broox Brenton.

    ozbe posted

  • @lucky33 @broox doesn't sound like we are going to have enough guys. So no official game, just a scrimmage.

    ozbe posted

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