Why hasn't Tim Burton remade The Wizard of Oz?

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  • That would be amazing. Would Johnny Depp be the scare crow, the lion, our the tin man?

    Lynette Jardine posted

  • why not all three lol

    Bill Thruman posted

  • That would rule. Maybe it will happen. A new Oz is coming out next year.

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • There is a prequel coming out next spring with James Franco that looks pretty awesome.

    Sean Rankin posted

  • The prequel maybe as close as you get. I think the plan was to do a remake, but it turned into a prequel instead

    Isaiah McGee posted

  • That's a very good question

    Keith Kerschieter posted

  • Because even he didn't want ruin it ;)

    Shari Dana Goggin-Ward posted

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