I watched a man completely lose it, break down, and wind up sobbing in a fetal position over post traumatic stress today. It was awful.

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  • And real. Scary stuff

    Dave Boyd posted

  • It's no joke sir.

    Denton DjDent Ward posted

  • Not sure how/who that was directed Denton

    Dave Boyd posted

  • I work with many soldiers who suffer from this, it is not fun and greatly effect their quality of life and relationships.

    Mark Johnson posted

  • No offense at all. I'm a Marine Corps veteran and I know PTSD is real. It's an epidemic among the armed forces.

    Denton DjDent Ward posted

  • Was it u

    Keith Kerschieter posted

  • And I'm retired AF/ANG (VN vet). Thank God we have folks who want to be Marines, Infantry, etc. but was never my world. Thanks for serving our country and bless U as you go about your work.

    Dave Boyd posted

  • PTSD is touched upon here..

    Jon Thompson posted

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