All I want is a ranch home with a 4 car garage, a walkout basement, and a fenced in backyard in the city... Why is this so hard to find?

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  • You'll find just the right place, just be patient.

    Gary Lomheim posted

  • Build one!

    Jami King Gonzalez posted

  • Me too!!!

    Karrie Neill Anderson posted

  • True dat!

    Ashlee Davis posted

  • I got all that minus the 4 car garage. That one's gonna be a tuffy. Good luck

    Ray Terhune posted

  • What does 'in the city' mean? Des Moines? Ankeny :/

    John Jackovin posted

  • 2 car with pole barn.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • Chi-town?

    Benjamin Garrett posted

  • Can you find a ranch with a big lot, then build a garage and fence?

    Kathryn Downing posted

  • Good to have goals 😳

    Mindy Torrey posted

  • And now you know why we left the city and moved to Iowa.

    Beth Johnson posted

  • I feel your pain!

    Bre'anna Brooks Emmitt posted

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  • and rabbit in a hat with a bat and a six four Impala

    localredhead posted

  • I mean, duh

    broox posted

  • no you don't. just get an apartment!

    iandees posted

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