I just bought another house, lol

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  • What! Details!!!

    Nicole Sutherland posted

  • Yay! I'm glad you found one!

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • At midnight?

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • Well, we found out they accepted our offer at 11:30... Still gotta close.

    It's a ranch house on a cul-de-sac in the southwestern hills neighborhood (SW of Grays Lake) built in 1981 ... and still looks like 1981. We've got a lot of work to do, but we'll be neighbors once again, Nicole!

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Thot maybe u were playing Monopoly! My offer was accepted too but delayed getting a closing date. Guess we won't be neighbors after-all. Prob'ly a good thing for the other neighbors!

    Dave Boyd posted

  • That's awesome! Congrats! Did you get your 4 car garage or are you going to be like me and have to put that in the plans? Lol

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • The garage situation isn't exactly what I wanted... but I think I can make it work. Oversized 2 car, weird 1 car-ish thing under the house that I'm hoping we can fix up, and another big workshop in the basement.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • When are you moving? (I might have to come help.) And do you think your house will sell quickly?

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • Oh my gosh! Send pics please!! Exciting!!

    Rhonda Schmidt posted

  • Congrats

    Doris Foulks Cowin posted

  • You should have two. A party house and one to live in.

    Rico Larson posted

  • open up a coworking space in your alt-house !

    Robert Tolar Haining posted

  • I kept the first house as a rental. Totally worth it so far.

    Matthew Page posted

  • Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Vicki Brooks Terronez posted

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  • which one

    brianholcomb posted

  • does it have an 8 car garage

    davidcrespo posted

  • no 😭

    broox posted

  • @broox @davidcrespo 16?!

    tolar posted

  • @tolar @davidcrespo two. maybe 3.

    broox posted

  • vacation cottage?

    iandees posted

  • replacement house!

    broox posted

  • cool!

    iandees posted

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