Just paid $14 for a bean. One bean. $14.

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  • Erm you do realize that's what they call like a measurement of heroin right?

    Lynette Jardine posted

  • Oh, right... Uh. What I'm trying to say is... I got a deal!

    Derek Brooks posted

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  • #wholefoods

    RossBarbour posted

  • why'd you do that

    CLINT posted

  • Kari said she needed a bean

    broox posted

  • That doesn't even make sense.

    jayjayfeinman posted

  • @jayjayfeinman tell @kbroox about it!

    broox posted

  • @broox @kbroox Oh, well if Kari need it, then… I guess that's fine.

    jayjayfeinman posted

  • what does that bean do?

    CLINT posted

  • Chicago paid $23 million for one bean. You got a deal!

    jacobdehart posted

  • Mine won't get nearly the amount of tourism tho

    broox posted

  • @broox @jacobdehart YOU DON'T KNOW THAT

    therealfitz posted

  • @therealfitz @jacobdehart Come one! Come all! Look at @kbroox's $14 vanilla bean*

    *until we make this shortbread

    broox posted

  • @broox @jacobdehart @kbroox I'll be right there.

    therealfitz posted

  • wtf?

    JShinbot posted

  • it was made of vanilla I guess... But I bought a whole vanilla ice cream cone at McDonald's for like $1 last night so... BULLSHIT

    broox posted

  • @broox @jacobdehart on my way. I'll pay $0.26 to see it

    tolar posted

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