Picking out flooring: hard. Way too hard.

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  • So many styles, colors , and quality

    Isaiah McGee posted

  • Haha! Tell me about it.

    Nicole Sutherland posted

  • I see what you did there.

    Kasey McCurdy posted

  • is that a pun?

    Robert Tolar Haining posted

  • If you do tile, go with travertine

    Vicki Brooks Terronez posted

  • Hardwood is favorite! Easy to care for, no grout, no allergens, and it doesn't go out of style. I just use a broom and a Haan floor steamer with water - no cleaners or anything.

    Bre'anna Brooks Emmitt posted

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  • heated

    CLINT posted

  • So, you're going with wood? Maybe tile?

    PilonMitchell posted

  • it's a toss up!!

    broox posted

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