Guys. I have great news. I am now officially old enough to run for president. #VoteBroox

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  • You seem like a solid candidate for the upcoming election, I'll write you in.

    Chris Ruttencutter posted

  • I'd say you could have a shot this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Paige Butler posted

  • I like you better than any of the current candidates! I'm in!

    Lisa Kay Runkel posted

  • I wish you were running now you would definitely have my vote👍👍

    Amy Aultman Veryzer posted

  • I thought you had to be 40 years old.

    Mark Johnson posted

  • 35!

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Id say you would be very good at being president

    Tantha Lee Thorington posted

  • Who would be your running mate?

    Mike Tilford posted

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  • “Make America slam dewski’s again.”

    okdan posted

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