I just walked into a Walgreens, grabbed a soda, and almost walked right back out the door without paying because I am an airhead.

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  • #birthdayentitlement

    Allie Peters posted

  • Airhead with a record!

    Dave Boyd posted

  • yea that could've made for an interesting birthday, lol

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Alzheimer's setting in...

    Jon Thompson posted

  • Reminds me of that time Kari and Too soon?

    Lindsey Bloomquist posted

  • Uber economics. Just tell them to scan your Bluetooth MAC when you walk in and charge you. They take applepay.

    Christian Renaud posted

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  • - Happy Birthday DB!

    kristinknudtson posted


    broox posted

  • "that's ok mr broox its your birthday"

    iandees posted

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