Anyone wanna go on a Vietnamese food date?

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  • Love you long time

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

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  • if you mean on Argyle, give me a shout.

    hhhealthy posted

  • ha, I wish.

    broox posted

  • Where to? Just moved to DSM, need to check out some of the places around here.

    niclake posted

  • I went to A Dong which is good, and kind of a local staple but not always the most flavorful

    broox posted

  • I'm terrified to look up the location at work, for obvious reasons.

    niclake posted

  • the name may be a big part of its local success, haha

    broox posted

  • Slightly related: best sushi in town? We've had Akebono (special rolls good, regular meh) and Taki (ok).

    niclake posted

  • @niclake oh yea! /cc @broox

    harper posted

  • Akebono is my goto. Miyabi 9 is also great if youre looking for more traditional

    broox posted

  • waterfront (a seafood place in town that also makes sushi) is also fantastic

    broox posted

  • I've meant to check out Miyabi 9, I've heard decent things. Thanks for the tips!

    niclake posted

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