Wrigley Field just took away my little baby pocket knife and then tried to shame me for even carrying a pocket knife. Rad.

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  • You should have cut 'em...

    Yusuf Bangura posted

  • I was just thinking about trimming the excess off of this plastic wristband they put on me

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Hopefully not a super nice knife.

    Matt Terronez posted

  • And what MAN does not carry a pocket knife. Seriously. :)

    Matt Terronez posted

  • Crazy our ball stadium will just have you take it back ti your car.

    Doris Foulks Cowin posted

  • Safeco field did the exact same thing to me. I did get it back after the game though. I hope they plan on doing that in your case.

    Brady Penning posted

  • I asked if that was an option. They said that the only option was the trash. Nice people.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Happened to me at ATT park in San Francisco. Told the attendant they're not getting my knife and I'm indeed getting in. She made me promise not to stab someone.....

    Mike Compton posted

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