I read about electoral votes, then did some math... If Wyoming has 3 electoral votes, based on population, California should have 199, lol.

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  • and before this starts some political facebook shitstorm, i just wanna be clear that fairly dividing the electors up by population wouldn't have affected the outcome of this election... a buddy and i were just geekin over the electoral college this morning, and thought the way they're divvied up is weird. but apparently, it wouldn't make that much of a difference if they were fairly divided - at least this time around.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Eletoracracy, a twisted version of something else

    Andy Bauer posted

  • It's supposed to keep the needs of the small states relevant with those of the large states. Of course, this is ignoring that it was created in the first place as a compromise that allowed the southern states (and Virginia in particular) to have a stranglehold on the white house and politics in this nation which made the US keep slavery much longer than it should have.

    With that said, I would like a compromise to the compromise. Keep the EC, but make all the states representative of the percent of the vote. If you have three delegates, you need 1/3 of the vote to get an EC vote. This not only keeps the balance between states, but eliminates this "Red State, Blue State" nonsense and allows the EC to better represent the popular vote.

    Alas, this is unlikely to change.

    Jon Thompson posted

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