What's the deal with girls wearing shirts that have the shoulders cut out?

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  • They too swole

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • Skanks!

    Cristina Hughes posted

  • My friend David, called it the cold shoulder

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Cuts down on cost of the shirt....?

    Jeremy Koch posted

  • The cold shoulder. It's a thing, it will pass...

    Mindy Torrey posted

  • Still rage hating this trend. Wet Seal 2003

    Amber Hathaway posted

twitter comments

  • someone decided it was in this year.

    cld276 posted

  • it's suddenly everywhere. Feels like last three months.

    Arkmashton posted

  • I call it the cold shoulder

    davidcrespo posted

  • shoulders are sexy

    JBoomerific posted

  • I rage hate these tops

    ThriftedWisdom posted

  • for women with an extra pair of shoulder-rooted appendages

    iandees posted

  • improved range of motion?

    tolar posted


    ThriftedWisdom posted

  • goddamn. That's the coldest shoulder I've ever seen.

    broox posted

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