Watching Trump's press conference. Mouth agape. How can anybody be so ... I can't even ... How did ... What the ... 😐🔫

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  • Just take another shot of your codeine :)

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • Just a swag, but could be that not everyone sees the world as you do?

    Dave Boyd posted

  • If you watched it and didn't see the bumbling baffoon, unable to complete a sentence, judging people he calls on for asking "bad questions" before they even get to speak, praising people that ask him "nice questions," refusing to answer half of the questions, trash talking Hillary as if this was still a campaign, and blatantly lying... then, I'm glad to be seeing the world a bit differently than you.

    Our president is a child.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • I've seen children string together a cohesive string of thoughts in the service of their argument with significantly greater degrees of skill and grace than this guy is able to.

    Alex Bissen posted

  • Derek Brooks- the world is a mess and he is the only person who can fix it. Believe me.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • Having heard parts of the press conference & read other views of it, I gotta double down on my first post: the final analysis is dependent on the filters used. And, I would repeat a comment I've made several times about Obama, Branstad, W, et. al: When you call them stupid or inept or any number of other personally derogatory terms, remember they are rich and got elected to offices that will assure they live very comfortably off your dime for the rest of their lives. Dumb or stupid or inept just doesn't fit, now does it?

    Dave Boyd posted

  • If you take the literal meaning of dumb, which is the inability to speak... I'd say he's dumb. But I don't think he's stupid. I think he's been rather brilliant at duping a lot of folks for his own personal gain his entire life. Also, I think he's a piece of shit.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Dinner time! Y'all have fun stirring that shit pot, but remember if you stir the pot, ya gotta lick the spoon!

    Dave Boyd posted

  • I'm still reading the full transcript. I've had to put it away three times now.

    Dustin Waite posted

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