Nothin grinds my gears more than queueing up a rad album on the sonos and then realizing it's the censored version.

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  • I've been working to redact censored versions from my collection.

    Matthew Page posted

  • i think it's mostly at the fault of the servies i'm using (apple music and google music), but sonos is certainly not making it any easier. the album will be listed twice under the artist, and the only way to distinguish whether or not it's censored is if the album art has the little "parental advisory" stamp on it... often times the stamp isn't on either album, or you can't tell if it's there because the album art in the list is only about 40px... so you just gamble and select one. and goddammit, it's almost always the wrong one.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • I love that the censorship stamp is used here to find the good stuff :) I think there should be a "I'm not a fucking prude" mode on the streaming services to knock that shit off.

    Miles Ward posted

  • Yeah.

    Joe Ogrin posted

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  • Agreed. Bring on the swears.

    Sonos posted

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