Ever since I finished taking antibiotics, every single thing I put into my mouth turns me into the Willy Wonka Violet Beauregarde chick.

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  • You need some good gut bacteria back. Probiotics

    Shannon Schear posted

  • Just need to get back on them Sizrup

    Wesley Ng posted

  • Probiotics FTW. Get some Kefir it helps me.

    Matthew Page posted

  • Had real yogurt for brekkie and am pounding some kombuch right now

    Derek Brooks posted

  • That'll help. I was on antibiotics for three months and couldn't digest anything. I'd just get sick, then I had some yogurt and kefir and everything cleared up.

    Matthew Page posted

  • antibiotics usually turn me into the scene with augustus gloop. not the kid, the nonstop flowing brown river.

    Danny Carman posted

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