Kari and I are looking for an establishment that serves cheese pizza, macaroni, potatoes, and bloody marys. Plz help.

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  • Any Chinese buffet or Bonanza

    Tia O'Brien posted

  • That's actually really difficult!

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • Basta in Iowa City but not sure if they'll serve potatoes before dinner.

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • Carlos O Kellys! if you order the cheese pizza and macaroni off the kids menu and are okay with it sucking slightly.

    Miriam Vakulskas posted

  • Maybe a bar and grill that had macaroni and potatoes as sides?

    Jenna Schofield posted

  • Hy-Vee Market Grille. They have all that stuff and even though none of it is great, none of it is terrible either

    Joel Swain posted

  • Fongs in ankeny has gourmet mac and cheese on the kids menu. Not sure about potatoes...

    Kelsey Seaberg posted

  • Home made Bloody Marys are the best

    Joseph Jersey Ricca posted

  • Leaning Tower Pizza

    Cathy Smith posted

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