Sweet Jesus, winter apparently came back to Iowa.

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  • OMG! Here too. Was working outside In a t shirt yesterday and now in a parka! The wind is about to blow the doors down! WTH is going on with this weather???

    Craig Brooks posted

  • I escaped just in time!

    Kasey McCurdy posted

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  • @CLINT @broox like what is the waist size.

    harper posted

  • @harper @CLINT fits

    broox posted

  • @broox @CLINT and tapered down to a tiny hole at the legs. So only a toe sticks out

    harper posted

  • @harper @CLINT totes

    broox posted

  • @harper @broox that's perfect and super tapered!

    CLINT posted

  • @CLINT @harper I wish there was a second hole for the rest of my toes tho. Like little thongs at the end of my skinny sweats.

    broox posted

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