Kari and I booked a trip to Nicaragua today.

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  • I'd respond with party kirps but alas.
    🙌 have fun! ( KAndrew Kirpalani)

    Emma Walsmith posted

  • Hell yes!

    Scarlet Behrens posted

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  • Scammers are getting better. I would have clicked on this if it wasn't for my app. @broox

    right65 posted

  • Duuuuude yessss. I'm super jealous. Been trying to convince Pilon to go.

    jayjayfeinman posted

  • @broox @Mamacrumps just got back from there on Sunday.

    jrcrimmings posted

  • @jrcrimmings @Mamacrumps 🙌 Soon we'll be Nicaragua buds!

    broox posted

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