The city just failed our deck inspection for the 5th time ... because my bottom step is 1/8" too high. This is why people don't get permits.

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  • Why couldn't they figure that out during their first trip out there?

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • You should have jumped on it while he was measuring and asked him to remeasure.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • and it was only 1/8" too high on one end because the cement pad below the steps had a downward slope for drainage... we removed a shim to fix it, and now we have to wait for him to come back out again

    Derek Brooks posted

  • In the meantime throw a party.

    Lynette Jardine posted

  • I believe the residential code allows for 1/4"...

    Brad Davison-Rippey posted

  • This is your government looking out for you! They know what's best to keep you safe!! ;-)

    Brian Lee posted

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  • planer + 10 minutes = solved

    cgansen posted

  • What if that makes step 2 too high by 1/8"? šŸ˜€

    broox posted

  • but it's fixed. it was 1/8" too high on one end because the cement pad below it had a downward slope for dā€¦

    broox posted

  • we all know that once you remove a shim, you can never put it back in...

    cgansen posted

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