I just saw a truck with a back window that said, "MY MIRRORS PULL OUT BUT I DON'T" in the biggest possible letters ... wtf ... why????

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  • i hope it was a congratulatory, "you're having a baby!" prank by his weirdo friends, but ... man, haha.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • I'm going to put that on Josh Lueck truck

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • Now that my son can read, I hate all these gross window decals and bumper stickers....

    Amy Larson posted

  • this guy?

    Zach Larson posted

  • Oh my god I have seen this truck before too!!! I tried getting a picture....but I was driving. I really wanted to know what the guy looked like

    Ellen Ciarimboli posted

  • Make America Great Again

    Amber Hathaway posted

  • Of course his license plate says DABEAST

    Samantha Stegman posted

  • I saw that too. Also one that said "If you're not a racing fan, BLOW ME!" smdh

    Charles Douglas Hoffman posted

  • Lol don't take life so serious it's all for a good laugh

    Keith Kerschieter posted

  • Those poor cattle

    Phil Enright posted

  • bcuz that fucker kicks some ass! haha

    Brent Mabeus posted

  • Fukk yeah, Dale Earnhardt #3 4ever..

    TeeDoh Jackson posted

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