Working on my patio ceiling... A bird just flew out of the insulation and hit me in the head. Calling it a night.

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  • Birds are creepy

    Dustin Iverson posted

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  • @broox @dylanr i just installed the Android O beta and it is now not booting. Stuck at "No command" and dead Android icon. Cool!

    iandees posted

  • @iandees @broox I'm an hour into. New pixel XL and so far it's nice... Factory reset on the 5x made it last a full day, fwiw.

    dylanr posted

  • @dylanr @broox I've been holding off for the next pixel but this 6p is falling apart faster than I thought.

    iandees posted

  • @iandees @broox Yeah... That's how I ended up with this XL... Desperation.

    dylanr posted

  • Micromanagement retribution ?

    ThriftedWisdom posted

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