All I've eaten since Kari left town is brats and meatballs. I dunno if this is sustainable.

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  • Lots of farts in that house.

    Daniel Salinas posted

  • I think it is. I'll be over after the game for hot dogs and beers

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • That's quitter talk.

    Adam Schofield posted

  • I'm really just saying that because I'm out of brats and meatballs

    Derek Brooks posted

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  • we go hard earth.

    RIOzay posted

  • that sounds like a little meat baseball set

    okdan posted

  • She finally did it ?!?! Did she take some of your 'jewelry' with her?

    gaurisharma posted

  • Just mix in a veggie or two... and a burger.

    RickyLegree posted

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