Is $5,500 expensive for a front door? cause that's what I was quoted before i died just now

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  • Yes, that's terrible

    Keith Neer posted

  • Is it made of solid gold?

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • Does it pour beer when you come home from work?

    Keith Neer posted

  • No man, it's just a wooden frame with a frosted glass panel.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Yeah that's a bit much

    Ray Terhune posted

  • Matt Calef, you may have some advice on this. Any thoughts?

    Dustin Waite posted

  • Depends if it is used as a bridge as well for your moat

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • Is that installed or just the door? That's a lot for just a door, is it framed too?

    Matthew Page posted

  • I'm getting a custom made commercial front door installed for about $2K at work. So yeah, your quote must be for some super fancy hardware.

    Kristina Davis posted

  • What size is it? Sidelight/door/sidelight? Does it need cut down what is the jamlb thinkness. What type of door panel? There are lots of option. Yes it could be that much. I've installed them that the door was 15000.00. Commercial door you can't compare against.

    Eugene Decker posted

  • $2,800 installed with custom work to fit the frame. A double door or a door with glass is

    CJ Brooks posted

  • Use the inter Web and do that shit yourself. Just a thought. If you mess it up at least it's already started for a pro come finish it.....

    Sarah Moffitt posted

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