There are 2 humongous dead pigs in the middle of Southeast 14th St with a cop diverting traffic around them.

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  • You should have stopped and walked up with a plate and knife and asked if you can get some 🥓

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • EAT THEM!!!

    Craig O'Brien posted

  • They did not look very appetizing. It was a very confusing, kinda sick situation.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Officers down.

    Rich Ford posted


    Craig O'Brien posted

  • Happens a lot. They use dump trailers to haul the dead pigs to the dog food factory. When it gets hot like this not only do they swell up to double their size, they often rupture filling the dump trailer with a "lubricant". When there are sudden stops or accelerations they can slide right up over the edge and out making for a rough day for trucker.

    Jay Olsen posted

  • i like callin em HOGS

    Clint Ecker posted

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