Can anyone tell me how to get a wheelchair at @8035?

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  • Just a thought. Go to hotel fort Des Moines. That is headquarters. It's worth a try

    Michelle Inez Pohlmeyer posted

  • Do you or your wife need a wheelchair? Amedeo Rossi, Jill Haverkamp, Brian Sauer

    Jon Thompson posted

  • Thanks Jon. My buddy sprained his ankle and wound up just having to go home. No wheelchairs to be found.

    Derek Brooks posted

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  • We don't have wheelchairs available, but if you are looking for special assistance, let us know or visit theā€¦

    8035 posted

  • A wheelchair seems special assistance, can we figure out a plan for one?

    broox posted

  • @sailorhg Heading back this week. Will be taking @atorg, @Ibips and @broox to see it. So good.

    harper posted

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