About to spend 2.5 weeks in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok) and Tokyo. First time over there + furthest travel. Plz send tips!

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  • Keep it in your pants.

    Joe Ogrin posted

  • Bangkok may or may not have toilet paper in public restrooms. My husband discovered that the hard way...

    Stephanie Harper posted

  • Yeah some bathrooms are just a hole in the floor. Take your own wipes.

    Steven Coffey posted

  • Thailand is wonderful! At least it was in 1968!! The people are apolitical, the food pretty good (plenty of Thai/American/Eurpeon to eat), the sites incredible. Take a tour of the canals - might gag you, but interesting. There used to be an "amusement park" where they demo'd elephants working, etc. Also, I'm told a trip to Chiang Mai the ancient royal capital is wonderful -- never been there. I was stationed at Korat (Thai name is 47 letters long) in the middle of the country. Will send more as I think of it.

    Dave Boyd posted

  • My sister lives in Japan, near Tokyo, but she is actually going to be here starting next week, so I'm no help.

    Ben Stockwell posted

  • Biggest "Tip" is don't "Tip"... that is a misguided American phenomenon that we pay a taxi driver for a $15 fare then we feel the need to give them another $2 or $3 dollars. This only happens in America.... please do not let it spread. Other than that have fun and stay hydrated which means drink plenty of alcohol and beer...
    Always good advise in any country!!!

    Bob Froehlich posted

  • Bangkok is fun for a couple of days. The floating markets are cool for pics but that's it. Ko San (spelling?) is a hoot. Once you've seen one temple you've seen all. Tons of fun bars and eats. If you have time Chiang Mai is amazing and cheap to get to. Islands are all awesome. If you go to a ping pong show, don't touch anything. If you go to an elephant sanctuary look for one that doesn't allow riding the elephants...and avoid the tiger shows (they dope them up so you can get closer....sad).

    Also- you bargain and haggle for everything. Cabs, tuk tuk rides, souvenirs etc. sorta like Latin America. And definitely tip in Thailand- it makes a noticeable difference in service. Might not be the custom elsewhere in the region and no offense to dr bob ;)

    Lucas Gochanour posted


    Drew Ahrold posted

  • Massages! Errrrwhere! Sometimes they rub your tummy. It's quite pleasant.

    Allie Peters posted

  • Do the opposite of whatever Christian Renaud tells you

    Danyelle Crowell posted

  • My uncle lives in Tokyo and he has always said take the bullet train somewhere.

    Amy Larson posted

  • Ryan Meyer, any tips? 😊

    Jenni Henter posted

  • Eat everything.

    Aeon Grey posted

  • Is there a Gauri Sharma eye roll for this trip?!? You guys are going to have a freaking blast.

    Emily Hoover Anderson posted

  • Try to get outside the cities as much as possible.

    Renting scooters in the countryside/smaller cities is awesome and cheap... like $6/day (prob wouldn't do it in Bangkok though 😬)

    Depending on how long you'll be in Japan maybe look into the rail pass.

    Brad Dwyer posted

  • Bring TP and chewing gum - it's tough to find both. We love love love Singapore. It's my favorite place on earth.

    Desiree Bump Rones posted

  • Baby/low dose chewable aspirin every 2-4 hrs or so on the flight (not a medical doctor so only if you can tolerate aspirin) will prevent any swelling of legs, fingers and ankles.

    Paige Butler posted

  • Outside Bangkok - go to Chatuchak market. Amazing art, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, you name it.

    Paige Butler posted

  • Fish pedicures in Bangkok!! Fun!! We did ours on Khao San road (backpackers road. Here's info from CNN that I agree with: capital Bangkok stands in stark contrast, a nonstop whirl of street-food stalls, shopping malls and busy roads. The pace is nothing short of electric. Swanky Sukhumvit is the city's bustling modern center, while the infamous Khao San Road is the starting point for many a heavy night. Those after something a touch less hectic can enjoy stunning views and superb cocktails in one of Bangkok's myriad rooftop bars. A sense of calm amongst the chaos can be found at the riverside Grand Palace and nearby Wat Pho, with its huge reclining Buddha.

    Paige Butler posted

  • Tokyo - so much to do there! A good friend of mine just moved there- but is now in Chiang mai for work for the month of July. If you want some tips from her about Tokyo or Thailand though, let me know and I can put you in touch.

    Paige Butler posted

  • Shoot me a message when in Bangkok and I can show ya around. Lots of tips but my biggest one is 2.5 weeks is not actually a ton of time so prioritize accordingly.

    Ryan Meyer posted

  • Oh one last thing, those in the know seem to strongly prefer ubud to jakarta. Food for thought if you're able to change your flight.

    Ryan Meyer posted

  • What dates will you be in Tokyo? I will be there beginning of august

    Jason Reiter posted

  • No kidding! When will you be in Singapore?

    Ingrid Paige posted

  • If you don't have them already, buy noise cancelling headphones for the flights. Makes a huge difference on the long flights

    Ingrid Paige posted

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  • The 7-11s in Tokyo have surprisingly good potstickers. The Ghibli museum is delightful, but you have to buy tickets in advance.

    thedalaialana posted

  • No restaurant ever provides enough water. The conveyor belt sushi places are amazing. You can eat your weigh…

    thedalaialana posted

  • Love hotels are a fucking riot and make for great photo ops. The Tokyo tower is open late and has a great view.

    thedalaialana posted

  • @broox my friend @harper might have some tips.

    iandees posted

  • @broox Fu-unji in Tokyo! Ask for access to "the doc" @CLINT

    ejacqui posted

  • @broox @harper Elephants World sanctuary outside of Bangkok. Mamma Noy Cookery School if you go to Chiang Mai. Go t…

    ZackShapiro posted

  • @broox @harper eat everything. preferably on the street where lots of people congregate. day trips from bangkok are…

    joshuanguyen posted

  • Go to a Muay Thai match in Bangkok

    davidmathers posted

  • Fish head curry at Banana Leaf Apolo in Singapore, then wander around the Mustafa Centre, aghast at the glut…

    brooksethomas posted

  • @joshuanguyen @broox @harper Excellent tips. Also: go with an open mind. Leave plenty of room in your itinerary for changes.

    ChrisGNguyen posted

  • @ejacqui @broox go here

    CLINT posted

  • @ejacqui @broox

    CLINT posted

  • @CLINT @ejacqui @broox (cc: @TonyKanaan)

    girlinblack posted

  • @broox @harper Go to lake toba in Sumatra

    djdharper posted

  • I'll email you my list of SG recs - Have fun! Also, what are you doing in Jakarta? Def an interesting place.

    rturumella posted

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