I think I would be a much happier person if I traded my house in for a Ferrari. 🤔

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  • Do it. 😬

    Kate Lyon posted

  • You'd just complain about the beds!

    Dave Boyd posted

  • You would. ^ Kate is right.

    Sean Vasey posted

  • even has room for Garth

    Yusuf Bangura posted

  • I would hang out at your house a lot more.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • Mid-life crisis.

    Drew Ahrold posted

  • Your house insurance is cheaper than insurance for a Ferrari.

    Drew Ahrold posted

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  • I'm willing to indulge in this expirament with you.

    JShinbot posted

  • ... except my house would buy 1/3 of a Ferrari

    JShinbot posted

  • trade for GTR?

    broox posted

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