Has Game of Thrones on HBO Now looked like shit for anyone else this season? I'd like to blame Mediacom, but my connection seems solid.

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  • Looks fine for us on HBO Now

    Nick Leeper posted

  • Man, we keep running into pixelated parts, especially on dark gradients.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Looks just fine here.

    Aaron Taraboletti posted

  • looks great here

    Bill Thruman posted

  • It's mediacom. When I switched from Dish/Directv I noticed quality differences right away.

    Ben Stockwell posted

  • I use HBO Go and/or DVR though, so maybe that's different.

    Ben Stockwell posted

  • Application throttling?

    Christian Renaud posted

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  • Yeah hbo’s compression is shit

    tolar posted

  • I can get 4K Netflix and it looks crystal clear. Then hbo is like 💩

    tolar posted

  • 🤔🤔

    broox posted

  • Is there anything wrong with the picture? Is this during live TV, or on demand or through the HBOgo app? *DB

    MediacomSupport posted

  • It gets pixelated in spots. On demand through HBO Now on an Apple TV wired to ethernet with a stro…

    broox posted

  • Okay. That should be more than enough speed to handle a video stream. If you send me a DM with your account info, I'll check *DB

    MediacomSupport posted

  • everything here to make sure there are no problems. *DB

    MediacomSupport posted

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