Today, I'm gonna try to smoke some meats for the first time

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  • Oh that sounds delicious. What are you smoking

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • What kind of smoke? Marijuana?

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • You should vape the meat, it is much better for your lungs.

    Andy Martin posted

  • 225, low and slow.

    Drew Ahrold posted

  • Have you tried smoking crack???
    It's supposed to be life-changing...

    TeeDoh Jackson posted

  • Good luck!!!

    Janet Schmidt posted

  • Can't do it wrong. Even when very charred it is still good.

    Floyd Stockwell posted

twitter comments

  • In your backyard? If so I might stop over for a minute!

    kinsteronline posted

  • Damn, I just saw IL of course I'm in DSM

    kinsteronline posted

  • I'll be back in DM to start smokin early afternoon!

    broox posted

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