Does anyone actually use allo?

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  • I have it and opened it maybe a couple times but seemed kind of pointless. Texts I sent through it came from a short code on the other end, so they interfere somewhere in the middle.

    Michael C. Brook posted

  • I use it

    Daniel Salinas posted

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  • Yes. See my tweet mere minutes before this one!

    JShinbot posted

  • I do hate Hangouts. Super clunky. Allo just feels like another poorly named, siloed, soon to be abandoned Google chat product.

    broox posted

  • I do but I really only talk to two people on there.

    hhhealthy posted

  • @broox @JShinbot I've been having this conversation lately; what's your preferred non-iMessage chat app? Wish the w…

    andyrosenberger posted

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