Currently arguing with Kari about which shitty fast food chain is better. Wendy's πŸ” or Panera πŸ₯–

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  • Panera πŸ₯£

    Nicole Sutherland posted

  • Panera. More soup options.

    Allie Peters posted

  • Panera

    Becky Curry posted

  • Wendy's is way better. Panera is over priced.

    Adam Lewis posted

  • Wendy's. Panera food sucks and costs too much. And they got rid of the sundried tomato cream cheese.

    Kevin Switzer posted

  • "Better"?

    Michael Ferrari posted

  • Go with the 100% pure Horse burger

    Frankie Fratto posted

  • A side of scrap floor chili

    Frankie Fratto posted

  • Panera but this is like picking the prettiest Denny's waitress! 🀒

    Ray Terhune posted

  • Does Panera have a $.99 value menu? I think not.

    Drew Ahrold posted

  • Wendy's is a staple. But Panera for when you're feeling too classy for drive through. You know, they aren't really in the classification group.

    It's MD, Wendy's, Arby's, BK.... in one group

    Then, Corner Bakery and Panera in another group.

    Leo Tyree posted

  • Uh 4 for $4 all day.

    Tanner Grigutis posted

  • Wendy's for sure!

    Paul D Nycz posted

  • Chicks love panera. They pump estrogen in their HVAC.

    Mark Johnson posted

  • Wendy's all day

    Bill Thruman posted

  • Wendy's vote from this guy. Chili poured over a baked potato for under 3$ is a great way to get 2 days worth of fat.

    Matthew Page posted

  • I don't think these two land on the same spectrum of fast food, can they even be compared?!

    Austin Locke posted

  • Wendys ftw

    JP Schneider posted

  • This is a Toughie!! For me it's the Spicy chickie samo vs. Broc chee in a bread bowl. Heated debate indeed.

    Charles Festa posted

  • wendys because panera thinks it's better but it isn't

    David Crespo posted

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  • Wendy’s.

    tzsfo posted

  • Wendy's cuz frosty. *Mic drop

    cloneluke posted

  • I'm gonna say Panera because you can at least get some decent semi healthy food there.

    skabaru posted

  • Really? When I think of Panera bread, all I think about are oversized oily loaves of bread and thick ass cheese soup.

    broox posted

  • Salads. But yeah the bread and weird oily soups are gross. But a salad with the dressing on the side is good road trip fast food.

    skabaru posted

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