What's the deal with Iowans and Busch light?

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  • Duh.. it's the most delicious

    Michael Burns posted

  • Eric just bought a 30-pack yesterday to get ready for the Hawkeye game today. I don't have an explanation for you... just confirmation that Iowans do love their Busch light! 😆

    As Df posted

  • It's like fucking in a canoe=close to water!!!

    (not mine originally but really funny)

    Michelle Inez Pohlmeyer posted

  • Our favorite beer! We are always pissed when we go out of town and no Busch Light to be found. Sad but true! :)

    Jennifer Davis posted

  • It's the number one selling beer. (Period) in Iowa

    Tia O'Brien posted

  • I'm drinking it on Wisconsin right now delish

    Melissa Clark posted

  • Most popular cheap beer in Eastern Iowa

    Joe Ogrin posted

  • I would rather drink year old warm piss than drink that shit lol

    Bill Thruman posted

  • I thought that Iowa was all about Ol' Milwaukee, Mud n', and pickup trucks covered in bumper stickers of Dale Earnhardt and Calvin pissing on something...
    Oh, I forgot mudflaps with a silhouetted naked chick and testicles hanging below the trailer hitch...

    TeeDoh Jackson posted

  • It's the official water of Iowa

    Nathan Thome posted

  • My husband would rather drink a good IPA, but for game days with friends it's for sure Busch.

    Jamie Grimes posted

  • Pussy

    Michael Burns posted

  • Really grinds my gears

    Phil Enright posted

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  • It’s like the fucking state beverage. Extra points for camo cans.

    tzsfo posted

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