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  • lol rip home button

    Cliff Wynne posted

  • I bet there will be, and then two years from now they'll just sell the then two year old iPhone X along with the new iPhone XII.

    Also, I really hope they don't keep doing Roman numerals.

    Caleb Harrelson posted

  • Yea, the iPhone 9 will probably just be the next low cost iPhone for home button pushing plebes.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • will cost 1 million dollars

    Rico Larson posted

  • Next year has got to be iPhone 9 and iPhone XS? Excess?

    Benjamin Garrett posted

  • Do you think $999 is excessive for a phone?

    Mark Johnson posted

  • ::humming negro spirituals while rocking back and forth with a cup of hot tea::

    💅🏾 i just pray for apple. I do. i got blood pressure all high over the thing but sometimes you have to let go and let God. they just gotta find their way.

    Leo Tyree posted

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  • That was the black budget "military iPhone".

    bonkydog posted

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